Want to talk psoriasis and nutrition with someone who gets it?

There is soooooo much on the internet about healing naturally with psoriasis.

Do you want to try *all of the things* and risk wasting time and spending more money on stuff that cured someone else- but didn’t work for you…again.

I get you- theres a stockpile of supplements in my wardrobe I just can’t bare to throw out. 

I have been there!

I'm not going to lie...

  • I have two degrees in genetics and immunology and am about to qualify as a nutritional therapist but...
  • I have no idea if I want to do online conversations- I don't know how this will fit into my life nor whether if will fit into yours
  • Which is why this is a wait list....and is why Im going to massively discount time with me for people who join this list and then book with me when I launch the first few trial sessions.
  • You may be the only people I do this with! So if you're interested- put your name into the boxes. It simply means you get an email when I'm ready to try this out.
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