So we have all heard about stress right? It is something that affects all of us, and is a risk factor in multiple chronic conditions. (I will expand on this when my toddler is in bed :-))

The thing is, we hear about stress so often we can zone-out, like I can to the repeated use of the word mummy. We have heard it all before.

At least, that is how I felt until I met Joe. She talks about stress in such a structured way, it completely changed my perception of what stress really is and where it comes from.

There have been times in my life where I felt guilty because I felt stressed but there was no obvious reason. Listening to Joe you will hear that one source of stress is a lack of purpose and another is a lack of boundaries; this explains so much of the stress I felt during these times.

I hope you enjoy listening to this interview as much as I did recording it.

About Jo Ridley

Jo Ridley | The Body Talks

Jo is a passionate educator and entrepreneur, with extensive experience in facilitating transformational experiences. Her passion is to support people in feeling greater empowerment, health and vibrancy in their lives.  Former Education Manager at Embercombe, designing and facilitating transformational programs that stimulate the head, heart and hands that left participants feeling more connected to themselves, to what they love, to their gifts, and in deeper relationship with the natural world.  Founder and Managing Director of “Wilder Nature” CIC, where she worked with teachers, pupils and local communities to improve outdoor learning by enlivening delivery with play, theatre and art.  Supported and facilitated on LIFEbeat camps, where the premise is to assist participants in feeling greater emotional well-being and to lead confident, healthy and purposeful lives.  In 2015 she received a Distinction for a Master’s Degree from Schumacher College in Holistic Science, which had a focus on interactive, experiential and participatory learning.

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We all need to learn to listen to our bodies.xx