The best treatment for scalp psoriasis [Interview]

The four key challenges of living with scalp psoriasis (and what to do about it) Scalp Psoriasis is something I have had a lot of experience with – and in my 30 years i have concluded that there is a reason we find treating our challenges with scalp psoriasis so hard. Scalp psoriasis is in […]

What to wear when you have psoriasis [Interview]

Welcome to The Styling episode! This episode is designed to help us dress as our glorious psoriasis covered selves (instead of dressing like Aunt Doris). The focus is on how to dress so we can still feel great – even if our skin is misbehaving. The Highlights This episode is crammed full of strategies which […]

Psoriatic Arthritis: Diagnosis and treatment

Psoriatic arthritis is a relatively common condition affecting between 15-30% of us with psoriasis (although rarely it can feature without skin involvement). The things that interest me most about psoriatic arthritis are: 1/ How often it is misdiagnosed (it’s much more wiley than Rheumatoid Arthritis) 2/ Whether immediate treatment with methotrexate is necessary So I […]

Newly Diagnosed with Psoriasis- What you need to know

So you have psoriasis? Did you expect it? Whether you thought you had an infection, a form of eczema or had no choice but to accept it was something else – you probably have a lot of questions. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. This is the bare bones to get you started because there are […]

Holistic Healing with Art Meditation

Have you ever had a brilliant idea in the shower? Its such a good place for inspiration because we give the logic part of the brain the space it needs to process our thoughts. Why we need brain space to heal I was interviewed this week on BBC Radio Sheffield, and I had to describe […]

Seasonal Flaring: Strategies for Psoriasis at different times of the year

Psoriasis has a tendency to flare as the season’s change. I write this as we move into springtime, and for me, this is my nemesis. I always see a worsening of my psoriasis at this time of year – and my two previous strep infections both happened in March.  Russ Cowper has the opposite- he […]

Taking control -when your psoriasis is out of control

Georgia has had psoriasis for 19 years. She shares her story, and while we both developed psoriasis at a similar age, listening to her story it really highlighted three things: We have the same medical condition, with similar presentations, but the cause of our flares are very, very different. Parents can have very different attitudes […]

Living with Psoriasis as a teen & following your dreams

Sharing psoriasis images on Instagram Georgia caught my attention because she lives her psoriasis out loud. At 21 she is much braver than I was at that age. I would show small sections of my psoriasis in public but never whole body sections, and certainly not record my flares in photographs for anyone to see. […]

6 Strategies you need before your next date

Dating is tough. Whether you have psoriasis or not. When you have psoriasis…it definitely can be harder. Here are some of the anxieties I have had before (and during) a date- can you relate? are there flakes on the back of my jacket? I can’t go to the toilet because there a snowdrift on my […]

Mistakes we make dating with Psoriasis -plus Q&A

The challenges we face dating with psoriasis when we first start out “I just took what I could get, I didn’t think that anyone could ever love me with my skin at that point, so it was pretty hard.” Reena Reena and I both dated throughout our teens while living with psoriasis. One of the […]

What your partner really thinks about your psoriasis

So interviewing your own husband is not an everyday occurrence, and I think that’s the first and last time I will interview mine! He was excellent but finding the ‘ideal’ time…hmmm. It was worth it though because in his answers is the truth that we all need to know. When we date with psoriasis, we […]

Impotence ​& Genital​ Psoriasis

Valentines is a funny day. I’m not sure what it is all about- the rest of the World seems to have an idea though. In the U.K February 14th marks National Impotence Day; In the U.S its National Condom Day and in Canada the 14th is Sexual and Reproductive Health Day. Whichever way you look […]

Online Dating with Psoriasis

How to make psoriasis work in your favour and filter your dates for success with Jude from @theweeblondie We need to talk more about meeting new people, as psoriasis can really impact our experience of new interactions and taking part in the intimate act of touching. In this interview we had a fascinating chat about […]

Ep.16 Psoriatic Arthritis and Poetry: Different ways to cope with Russ Cowper

Russ Cowper

We all cope in different ways, some of these are more fun than others. Some are definitely more healthy than others! I am partial to using alcohol to help me unwind sometimes but it is not a good long-term strategy. Writing is having a resurgence, with Journaling being more popular now than ever (or at […]

How to support your mental health when living with psoriasis.

Ep.13 Dealing with the psychological challenges of living with psoriasis with  Clinical Psychologist Dr. Andrew Thompson If you have had psoriasis for more than 5 minutes you will be aware that living with psoriasis can be hard work. There are multiple aspects of the disease that test not only your willpower (yes-itchy plaques I’m looking […]

Ep.12 How to manage Itching & the psoriasis healing mindset with Reena Ruparelia

Sometimes we talk to someone who shifts our entire perspective. Has this ever happened to you? Interviewing the incredible guests we have had so far has helped me grow so much, and really lean into living a better quality of life with psoriasis. Listening back to this episode though, I couldn’t help but notice how […]