Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year- – Well, except the time I told my husband my back was too sore to do the dishwasher (in my defence he owes me around 4,500 empties) so I hope you don’t hold that against me. I will help several grannies across the road this year to make up for it, promise.

This year I would like you to make psoriasis optional. I don’t think anyone would chose to have it, but this is the 21st century and its all about personal choice.

If this is too big of an ask (When I was 10 I asked for world peace – I now realise was a touch on the optimistic side) then these are my top three wishes for this year.

The back up list

  1. Genital psoriasis should not exist. Or at least we should have the option to relocate it it to another part of the body. I don’t know if removing psoriasis entirely will create some sort of gap in the space-time continuum but surely keeping the same total coverage wouldn’t cause too many problems?

2. I would like you to make sure that anyone who needs to see their doctor for psoriasis and mental health problems relating to psoriasis gets to see them within three days. Even if it’s over the internet (I am hoping people who don’t have internet access have asked you separately on their letters for this).

3. I would like to you to help inspire people who run healthcare programmes/ initiatives/ insurance etc to ensure that referral for mental health support takes days and not months. People who go to their doctor with mental health challenges have usually put off admitting their mental health state until they cannot cope with it any more. Making them wait 6 months for a counsellor or psychotherapist is something that needs to be addressed. I know you can’t do that directly, but I expect you have influence on the people who do. I like to think maybe we could make the person in charge of Health funding itchy for a prolonged period of time but I think that’s mean and will put me back on the naughty list. I also believe deep down that I don’t ever want anyone to know what it’s truly like to be itchy for extended periods of time.

I was just thinking about point 2…

Maybe you could use Rudolf or Blitzen? Could we affix some sort of satellite transmitter to help connect people to the internet. Facebook was talking about balloons, I think maybe reindeer would be better? You could send them out on a Friday and call it Flaky Friday. So anyone in the world, no matter how remote, can access the information they need on Fridays. The reindeer might like getting out a bit more often?

Anyway, thank you for my socks last year. I do like socks. Anti-itch socks would be great too, if you could invent those. Or anti-itch clothing in general. I think lots of people might want those too, not just me. Especially babies with eczema‚Ķand I’m sure all of them are on the good list.

With love from your biggest fan,

Mince pie lover,


P.S- What do you want for christmas? 

P.P.S- Thank you for mince pies

Psoriasis wish list