Ep.09 How To Get What You Want From Your Dermatologist with Alisha Bridges

Have you ever been to your dermatologist and left feeling like they didn’t listen? Did you ever feel like your appointment was a waste of time? Like your dermatologist threw the same old creams to you and expected you to just get on with it? Getting what you want, and what you need from your […]

Ep.06 Gemma Boak & Russ Cowper | Conversations around Living with Psoriasis

In this episode, Russ Cowper from The Psoriasis Shout Out team takes over and we talk about our experiences of treatments, societal acceptance and relationships. We even talk about the benefits of having psoriasis … yes there are some! O.K technically he is interviewing me but he gives so much value it is more like a […]

Ep.05 Todd Bello | The Importance of Finding Your Tribe

Living with psoriasis is a bit of a rollercoaster ride; it can be challenging from the start, it can slowly creep up on you when you think you are doing well and it can hit you full force without pre-warning (if you have ever had a strep-flare you know what I am talking about). Community […]