Welcome to the home of The Psoriasis Geek Podcast!

I am over the moon that you are sharing your expertise with us so we can improve the lives of people living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

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Interview Structure/ what you can expect:

5 minutes pre-prep: Quick Hello! I will ask you what your goals are from the podcast and we will discuss how best to integrate them into the show.

1-2 minutes: I will start recording and welcome you to the show. I pre-record the introduction where I outline who you are using the bio you sent me. If you missed that part out on the booking form you can email me that now or I will improvise from what I already know 🙂

20 mins: Main discussion on the topic. I will have core questions to keep us on track but will let our chat flow naturally.

3 mins: I will usually ask if you think there’s anything important that I have missed or ask for top tips depending on the nature of our chat. Do not give advice unless you are qualified and insured to do so.

3 mins: Your opportunity to share what your working on (eg: a relevant PDF download, want to highlight the work of the NPF, a challenge coming up etc) and where we can find you (your social media links will also be included in the show notes, webpage for the episode and in social media posts). Basically this is you talking all about you.

If you want to listen to an episode to get a feel for what the interview will feel like you can listen to my interview with Nutritionist Sally Duffin here,  G.P Dr Dan Maggs here, and Rheumatologist Dr Laura Coates here.

The interview has an informal format- so do not worry if this is your first interview.

Tips for preparing for the interview

Frequently asked Questions

Do I need to buy a microphone?

Absolutely not. Ideally you will use headphones with an integrated microphone which sounds advanced- but air-pods are great for this. Other headphones that come free with your phone are fine too- just make sure the microphone doesn’t rub against your jumper! Worst case scenario the microphone that is built into your phone or computer will do (just make sure it has one first!)

Can we record this over the phone instead?

Yes- if you have technology or simply cannot access this then you can use the dial in number provided in the booking form. This restricts our interview time to 40 minutes but that should be fine if we dive straight in or your happy to call back if we get cut off.

What if I make a mistake?

Do not worry- I have been a podcast guest before and I know it can be worrisome. If you make a small mistake- no one will notice. If you want to start again on an answer because you got babbly or accidentally mentioned some overly personal information i will cut that out….as long as you tell me!

I have never used zoom – is it easy?

All you need to do is click the link in your booking confirmation and it will open a screen- there will be a pop up box that lets you check your sound settings. I advise if you have never used zoom before to use the link before the interview to play around- its unique to you so you won’t accidentally end up in another one of my meetings!

Will there be any adverts? I don’t want to be connected to any brands.

No. There are no adverts, and you will not be affiliated with any company or product while on the show. The opinions you express will be distinctly yours.

Can I ask another question?

Of course: send me a message using the contact form or using the email in the booking confirmation (Its not here because I’m hiding it from the spam bots not because I’m avoiding you).


You are a guest on the podcast, which is distributed freely (and for free) on the internet via podcast apps such as iTunes and stitcher. I will also create a webpage, blog posts, social media posts and other media that may contain clips/ quotes and such from the show. They will always be in a positive light, and always be referenced back to you. The episode is my property and by attending as a guest on the show you are confirming that you are happy for me to use the content of the podcast in this way. (Basically Im promoting you for free). For the full disclaimer in boring legalese you can read that here.