Ep.13 Dealing with the psychological challenges of living with psoriasis with  Clinical Psychologist Dr. Andrew Thompson

If you have had psoriasis for more than 5 minutes you will be aware that living with psoriasis can be hard work. There are multiple aspects of the disease that test not only your willpower (yes-itchy plaques I’m looking at you) but also your ability to interact with other people, and sometimes your ability to go outdoors.

The more time I spend in the psoriasis community, the more I realise that psychological support is not optional, but essential. The only thing is, starting down this avenue can be overwhelming and a bit scary.

It’s with this in mind that I invited Clinical Health Psychologist Dr. Andrew Thompson onto the podcast. I hope that your foray into supporting your mental health has a smoother start than mine 🙂

Episode Highlights

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About Dr. Andrew Thompson

Dr. Andrew Thompson Psoriasis Podcast Clinical Psychologist

Dr Thompson is a Clinical Health Psychologist based at the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS Foundation Trust. He is a Reader at the University of Sheffield and a visting Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Hull.

Dr Thompson has published widely on the psychosocial issues associated with skin conditions and is the psychological advisor for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin and is involved with a number of charities.  He is also an Associate Editor for The British Journal of Dermatology.  Information about the NHS service he is involved in can be found here.  Information on his publications can be found here.

You can also find Andrew on Twitter @DrARThompson

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Resources We Mention

Sheffield Access to Psychological Support : http://iaptsheffield.shsc.nhs.uk

Some recommended free mindfulness resources – 


The British Association of Dermatologists Skin support webpages – skinsupport.org.uk

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