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psoriasis podcast review

Have you ever wondered about the best treatment for psoriasis?

Whether diet or meditation really makes a difference?

or maybe you’re in need of itch coping strategies?

These are the kind of topics we discuss on The Psoriasis Geek Podcast.

With expert interviews from across the healthcare spectrum including psycho-dermatology (yes that’s an actual thing!), clinical psychology and Registered Nutritionists.


Raw and sometimes gritty interviews with patient experts, including our resident co-host and psoriatic arthritis warrior Russ Cowper. Theres huge power in sharing stories, insights and strategies too.

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How to Listen to the Podcast: FAQ

What is a podcast?

A podcast is similar to a radio show. It is audio only. Podcasts are available to listen to from this website, from Podbean and if you have a smart phone or tablet you can download an app. The most common apps are iTunes if you have an apple device or Stitcher for Android. You can also now listen on Spotify. Just search for The Psoriasis Geek Podcast.

How do I get the app

Some devices come with the podcast app already downloaded for example on the iPhone. If your device does not have an app, go to the app store on your phone and search for Stitcher or Spotify. Download the app, it is free. 

I hate apps, is there another way?

Yes you can listen directly through your computer from thepodcast page here. 

Each episode has a blog post and you can listen directly though a play button in the blog post. Ths is also a great way to share the content with your friends and people who support you.

I have the app, what next?

In the search field, type in The Psoriasis Podcast. You should see it in the search results. Click on it to listen, and if you want to listen to future episode, click the subscribe button. 

So what else do we talk about?

These are just a few of the topics we cover in the podcast. You can search for all episodes in each category using the search bar or the drop down podcast menu.


We all need lifting up sometimes, and its so much better when we can hear inspirational stories from people just like us.

Flare Management Strategies

Flaring is the *worst* so interviews tagged in this category contain strategies for both the physical and mental strains of trying to tame the beast.


The best psoriasis diet? Well i don’t believe one size fits all but I am a big time fan of nutrition feeding the systems we need to support health.

Mental Health

Hello mental strain- its HARD living with psoriasis. Even pretending you’re fine is exhausting sometimes! This is an important, and under-talked about topic. Not any more 🙂

Healing Naturally

I’m not against drugs- but I do believe the body has innate abilities to heal if we learn to listen. That is the focus of these episodes.


Er…Dating and psoriasis. Two hard things mixed together to create a harder thing. Do not fear- I ran a whole special on this topic – I have you covered.

So where should you get started?

I need to sort out my diet

If you want to improve your diet to introduce anti-inflammatory foods or are thinking of trying an exclusion diet then check out my interview with Nutritionist Sally Duffin and if you are looking for something more gut health and hormone related you will love this interview with Kezia Hall.

I feel isolated and/or misunderstood

If you want to find like minded people to talk to you (because really friends who don’t understand can only help so much) you will find value in my interview with Todd Bello and there is a Social Media guide for members you might like to check out in the resource area.

I want my doctor to work with me

I get you. I have had some seriously unhelpful experiences, but we need to make sure our healthcare professionals work alongside us as equal partners. This interview with GP Dan Maggs on how to get what you want from your GP is a great starting place plus this chat with Dermatologist Dr Jon Goulding is great too.

I am mid flare and the itching is driving me crazy

I have been here and its awful. I talk to one of my favourite humans- Reena Ruparelia about this exact topic so this is a great place to start.

I have psoriatic arthritis

I have lots of specific content coming for you soon, but all of the interviews factor in psoriatic arthritis; for example the anti-inflammatory diets discussed with Sally Duffin and getting the most from your doctor, in particular when you see multiple specialists with Dr Dan Maggs.

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