Dating with psoriasis can make *everything* more difficult than it needs to be. So dont you worry- I have got your back.

Here you will find a collection of resources, to help you with every step of the way. Things these blog posts and interviews will help you with include:

Episodes and articles you will love

Strategies for online dating and navigating those first few dates with psoriasis.

Jude gives some great advice for setting up your dating profile for success when your dating online with psoriasis. She also demonstrates that telling people you have psoriasis before you meet can only lead to better dating experiences when you make it to that first date.

Genital psoriasis and erectile dysfunction

Here you will find information on strategies we use to live better with genital psoriasis – because we do not talk about it enough!

We also discuss erectile dysfunction, because it is more likely to affect men with psoriasis- for reasons we all understand well, even those of us without a penis.

What your partner is really thinking when you go on a date.

I asked my husband about when we first met, and how his attraction to me has changed as he has seen me through flares and the mental health strains of living with psoriasis.

His blunt point of view, I think- you will find liberating. We got married three months ago- hence the cheesy wedding pic…

Lessons learned from our teenage dating experiences and your dating Q answered

I LOVE all of my chats with Reena but here we compared our stories dating as teenagers with psoriasis. From opposite sides of the world, we had remarkably similar experiences.

Plus we talk about how we felt dating in our teens and some of the things we wish we had known then.

6 strategies you need before your next date

A quick sharp shot of strategies you can try in preparation for your next date to help you calm down and let your date see that you are so much more than your psoriaisis (because you are).

Living with Psoriasis as a Teen, Dating & following your dreams

Episode released tomorrow!

Georgia talks about how she coped with psoriasis as a teen, how that impacted on her friendships and relationships and the strategies she used to cope at college.

Engaged at 21 and following her dreams of being an actress she is certainly not letting her psoriasis hold her back.