We all cope in different ways, some of these are more fun than others. Some are definitely more healthy than others! I am partial to using alcohol to help me unwind sometimes but it is not a good long-term strategy.

Writing is having a resurgence, with Journaling being more popular now than ever (or at least since I was 15). Experimenting with journaling has been a bot of an eye-opener for me- I found myself writing things I wouldn’t dare say out loud. It really is quite refreshing writing down whats whizzing through your head without fear of a sibling stealing away your writing to share with their friends.

Russ Cowper uses writing to help him cope with the darker aspects of living with psoriasis. He writes poetry. I love his refreshing take on a style of writing I had previously never connected with. There are some thoughts I have had during particularly bad flares which I struggle to vocalise, and reading his poetry I get goosebumps with the feeling that he knows what is inside my head. Crave, which Russ shares with us in todays episode is deep and full of honest reflections, and then his poem about Henry the Hoover is funny and light. See what you think- and then let me know in the comments.

About Russ


I’m 53 years old, born and bred Mancunian. Had PsA for nearly 40 years. 
I’m a Psorasis shout-out ambassador and have done talks on my condition for various people. I’m also doing a short film for the BAD website and you can find a couple of poems of mine at www.psoraisisshoutout.co.uk

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