Psoriatic Arthritis: Diagnosis and treatment

Psoriatic arthritis is a relatively common condition affecting between 15-30% of us with psoriasis (although rarely it can feature without skin involvement). The things that interest me most about psoriatic arthritis are: 1/ How often it is misdiagnosed (it’s much more wiley than Rheumatoid Arthritis) 2/ Whether immediate treatment with methotrexate is necessary So I […]

Newly Diagnosed with Psoriasis- What you need to know

So you have psoriasis? Did you expect it? Whether you thought you had an infection, a form of eczema or had no choice but to accept it was something else – you probably have a lot of questions. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. This is the bare bones to get you started because there are […]

Ep.09 How To Get What You Want From Your Dermatologist with Alisha Bridges

Have you ever been to your dermatologist and left feeling like they didn’t listen? Did you ever feel like your appointment was a waste of time? Like your dermatologist threw the same old creams to you and expected you to just get on with it? Getting what you want, and what you need from your […]