The best treatment for scalp psoriasis [Interview]

The four key challenges of living with scalp psoriasis (and what to do about it) Scalp Psoriasis is something I have had a lot of experience with – and in my 30 years i have concluded that there is a reason we find treating our challenges with scalp psoriasis so hard. Scalp psoriasis is in […]

Seasonal Flaring: Strategies for Psoriasis at different times of the year

Psoriasis has a tendency to flare as the season’s change. I write this as we move into springtime, and for me, this is my nemesis. I always see a worsening of my psoriasis at this time of year – and my two previous strep infections both happened in March.  Russ Cowper has the opposite- he […]

Taking control -when your psoriasis is out of control

Georgia has had psoriasis for 19 years. She shares her story, and while we both developed psoriasis at a similar age, listening to her story it really highlighted three things: We have the same medical condition, with similar presentations, but the cause of our flares are very, very different. Parents can have very different attitudes […]

Ep.12 How to manage Itching & the psoriasis healing mindset with Reena Ruparelia

Sometimes we talk to someone who shifts our entire perspective. Has this ever happened to you? Interviewing the incredible guests we have had so far has helped me grow so much, and really lean into living a better quality of life with psoriasis. Listening back to this episode though, I couldn’t help but notice how […]

Ep.05 Todd Bello | The Importance of Finding Your Tribe

Living with psoriasis is a bit of a rollercoaster ride; it can be challenging from the start, it can slowly creep up on you when you think you are doing well and it can hit you full force without pre-warning (if you have ever had a strep-flare you know what I am talking about). Community […]