psoriasis geek (n)

a person who has a thing about
reading medical literature to answer questions about psoriasis

as seen in british skin foundation

Psoriasis is not just a skin disease -

Does it drive you crazy when you see your skin doctor and they give you another topical steroid cream for your immune mediated disease?

I love that steroids are an option – but seriously – do you ever feel like this is elastoplast style sick care?

Psoriasis - what?

One of the things that riles me the most, is that often we don’t know why we have psoriasis. We have a sad leaflet sized explanation that vaguely tells us why our skin is flaking, so when something unexpected happens (which is highly likely with psoriasis) we find ourselves stressed out getting crappy advice on facebook.

I believe knowledge is power. I believe that once you understand your body, and why it does what it does, then you can be the change-maker you need in your health.

How does this work?

Psoriasis affects way more than the skin. It can affect multiple organs and lead to increased incidence of things like obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Yikes. 

Psoriasis also has a significant psychological component. There is an emotional burden and social pressure we need to address too.

My approach is a physical, mental and spiritual (non woo) view to healing. Together we address all of your systems and help you learn to identify what your body is telling you it needs you to do next.

Gemma is the perfect blend of scientist, teacher, and expert patient.
She has a unique insight into the physical, psychological and social impact that psoriasis has on peoples lives. I'm confident that the information that she shares will help you have a better experience of your condition. I know it's helped me become a better doctor.

Who am I to be talking about this?

Hey, I'm Gemma

I’m a former research scientist and lifelong psoriatic. I geek out on how the immune system works and whether the guy who told me to be vegan was actually right.

I hold a first class degree in Applied Human Biology with a special Interest in Immunology and a Distinction level Masters degree in Biotechnology where I specialised in modulating the Immune System using parasitic wasp venom. I also taught science for many years so know how to make academic stuff way more tempting than a word vomit of science terms.

Plus- I know what you are going through, because I have been there too. I was first diagnosed with psoriasis aged just 5 years old. I have learnt a lot living with psoriasis for over 30 years; about living with psoriasis as a child, a teen and an adult.

I’m very familiar with the dermatologist that doesn’t look at your skin before sending you out with the same old prescription, the sleepless nights itching, the awkward date….

Save yourself time and a whole load of heartache by joining me as we explore all aspects of living with psoriasis -because lets face it- you know that psoriasis is so much more than a skin disease


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