Psoriasis sucks...
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Honest conversations around healing, life, parenting and relationships for psoriasis warriors and their parents 

You are more than your psoriasis

Hey, I'm Gemma...

Hey I’m Gemma, I’ve had psoriasis since I was six years old, and in my 34 years as a psoriatic I have seen a lot, felt a lot and been horrified by a lot. 

I’ve tried almost all the treatments, some horrifically unsafe diets and bought some weird-ass cleansing powders over the last three decades.

Almost all my life I’ve been happy, but there have been desperate moments; sitting in bed at 2am, desperately searching forums for a solution, trying not to scratch off the top layer of my poker hot plaques, with all logic out the window and credit card in hand….

my healing ethos

Your body already has the wisdom it needs to heal.

Our bodies are designed to maintain balance, but they haven’t evolved as fast as we have. We let our environments dictate what we eat and how we feel, and this starts from a young age. 

Try over feeding a baby… they won’t do it! They are entirely ruled by their internal chemistry. 

I believe wholeheartedly that living a happy life with psoriasis involves tuning back into your body – and to learn how to support our whole selves instead of going to war. Warriors seeking our own personal truth, our personalised healing formula.

This healing pathway is the guidance I wish I’d had when I was starting out – but this is not prescriptive, it is not advice. Always take advice from your doctor before changing anything (even if you don’t like them right now!)

5 steps to healing psoriasis holistically graphic summary
Find your healing formula

Discover the whole story when you tune into a conversation...

Don’t entrust your health to @joseph2746$ in some forum you found online. Someone who ‘cured’ his (or her) psoriasis using only tap water and celery juice. Tap into more balanced conversations with experts from across the world to avoid common pitfalls and get clearer on your next steps.

Diet advice from a Nutritionist

Interviews around exclusion diets and detoxing so you don't give yourself malnutrition in your hunt for your healing 'Holy Grail".

Tips on how to get the most from your doctors

I've asked dermatologists, a family doctor (GP) and a fellow psoriasis warrior for their top tips.

How to dress to Feel Fabulous

Yup- advice from a personal stylist on dressing so you still feel fabulous even when you're super flaky.


I recorded a whole dating special covering everything from online dating tips (do you show your psoriasis!?) to pre-prep strategies to rock your next romance.

Embarrassing psoriasis stuff

I get talking about your genitals might feel squirmy, so I've done that several times to help you feel okay starting the conversation yourself.

Chats for Teens and Tiny's

It's not just tips for adults, there are conversations to hep you raise confident kids.

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...a Teen or Young Adult

...a Parent of a Psoriatic Child

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