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Examples: Genital psoriasis (it's important and I'm not shy) /  Best treatment scalp psoriasis / WTF do I wear when i have psoriasis? 

Psoriasis is a complex beast as it weasels it's way into your entire life.

But do not fear! I've created exactly what you need to get your life back in control and back on track.

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Looking for the best psoriasis diet? I have you covered in this mega guide.

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Products make a big difference, which is why I'm sharing my tired and tested favourites. 

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Dating with Psoriasis

In this 6 part special I cover all of the basics: from online dating profiles (should you show your psoriasis!?) to a no holds barred interview with my husband....

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Here are some of the topics I've covered in the podcast lately. See if any of these tickle your fancy. If not use the contact form to send me your suggestions.

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About Me.

I'm a tea drinking mother of four wee babbas. I'm British and have been living with psoriasis since the age of 5. 

The Psoriasis Geek was born after a mega flare knocked my entire world sideways - and I realised the internet was full of horrific advice. 

My background is academic: I have a degree in Applied Human Biology, a Masters Degree in Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology (but I specialised in Immune modulation research) and am a qualified Nutritional therapist.

So the podcast and blog is my way of sharing my thoughts and opinions as a scientist, sufferer, mother and well... a geek.

You won't find advertising or spam because I'm building this site for you. And I'm building this site for my kids. Because I never want them begging for help on facebook like I was.

Welcome to The Psoriasis Geek Fam :-)

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