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I am crazy excited that you are here.

Psoriasis is such an under-rated condition with so much bad press…and yet there is so much great research being produced at the moment… I can’t wait to get you where you need to go.

Here are a few of the best ways to get connected to the information you need so you can find your best path back to wellness. 

I want to know more about Nutrition

The best place to start is with my interview with Nutritionist Sally Duffin where we cover all of the basic principles around eating well with Psoriasis. If you want to deep dive into digestion and bile acids then we talk about this here and if your more interested in diet, hormones and the gut then you will love this.

I want to know more about how to cope with feeling overwhelmed or depressed

Psoriasis has a habit of getting us down, and we touch on this with Consultant Dermatologist Dr. Jon Goulding here but really deep dive into psychological strategies with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Andrew Thompson here. If you are more interested in mindset then you will love my chat will Psoriasis Warrior Reena Ruparelia here.

I need tips and tricks to help me cope with my psoriasis

There are tips and tricks in all of the podcast episodes, but I am working on more of this type of content now. If you subscribe to the newsletter then I will let you know when this content is ready 🙂

Please can you add my concern here?

Absolutely: Simply message me via the contact form (or on social media @gemma_boak) and I will create a section for you.