Gemma is a wonderful presenter, engaged well with her audience and kept everybody interested 

Eileen O’Grady 
Dermatology Research Nurse

Have you heard the phrase ‘Teaching teenagers is like herding cats’?

This was something that stuck when I signed up for teacher training in 2007. I was terrified when I stood up to teach my first Physics lesson to a group of 15-year-old students who ‘hated’ science. It did not go well. I learnt on the first day that tone of voice is everything. 

Fortunately, things got better very quickly, and in my last year of teaching, I achieved ‘Outstanding’ grading for my classroom practice. The difference between Good and Outstanding is the ability to read every single person in the audience and stretch every single one of them so that they *all* make outstanding progress. This is what I do well, and it is what I love to do.

Topics to talk about

  • More Than Skin Deep: The Real Impact of Psoriasis
  • The Power of Story: We Are Our Own PSuperhero
  • The Social Stigma of Chronic Disease and How to Deal With It