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I'm excited that you're joining our tribe. Not as a warrior against psoriasis - but as a warrior to find the truth behind the psoriasis. The source. The reason why all of this started in the first place (and why it continues on and on, and on, and on.)

This is a wonderous thing because we both know we have the power to heal within us - and we're not afraid to use it.

Plus it's much easier - and fun - to embark on an adventure with friends, to help guide and amuse us on the way.

Would Dorothy have enjoyed her journey as much without the Tin Man, the Lion, the Scarecrow and the White Witch?

You're tapping into your curiosity and that is just the beginning - the worst case scenario? You know more, you make new friends, you learn how to whip your doctors into shape.

Not bad for something I'm giving you for free... and with no strings, no pharmaceutical sponsorship, no third party ads... whaaaa.

I know - sounds too good to be true? Probably. You will have to email me in a few weeks and let me know 🙂

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What awesome-ness can you expect?

Artist and healer Elizabeth Tuckwell made this meditation especially for you after I interviewed her on The Psoriasis Geek Podcast.

This all arrives by email – you will get a few welcome emails form me which link to these resources and then I will email you the cool, the interesting, horrifying and bazaar best bits I find on my internet travels about Psoriasis – both hard-core science and holistic.

You can unsubscribe at any time – there is a link in every email – I wont be offended!

How often? Great question. When I’m on tip top researching form these will come every other week-ish. Im having a baby in December so things might get a lot more sporadic for a while – until I get my nights back at least 🙂

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