psoriasis geek (n)

a person who has a strange obsession with reading medical literature to answer questions about psoriasis​

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The European Medical Journal

The British Skin Foundation

Plaque Psoriasis by Health Union

Hey, I'm Gemma,

I am a research scientist qualified to Masters level. I geek out on things like:  how the immune system can be changed using sugar and whether we can learn anything useful from parasitic wasp venom.

If you have psoriasis- I know what you are going through, because I have been there too. I was first diagnosed with psoriasis aged just 5 years old.

I am very familiar with the dermatologist that doesn’t look at your skin before sending you out with the same old prescription, the sleepless nights itching, the awkward date….Save yourself your sanity, and a bucket load of cash and join me on my journey into the weird and wonderful world we know as research.

P.S- I taught Science to teenagers for 8 years- so if you ‘hate science’ don’t worry, theres no scary stuff here. I enjoy making the hard stuff easy and fun. Most of the time you won’t even notice 🙂


Gemma is the perfect blend of scientist, teacher, and expert patient.
She has a unique insight into the physical, psychological and social impact that psoriasis has on peoples lives. I'm confident that the information that she shares will help you have a better experience of your condition. I know it's helped me become a better doctor.
Plus my second favourite thing is asking other people questions.... so I started a podcast so we can learnt from the best in their fields.

good dermatologists (they do exist)

and ask them the questions you reeeeally want to the answers too but you were too scared to ask (or your dermatologist have you an unsatisfying answer *yep- been there!*

Holistic approach

My philosophy is that psoriasis is not 'just a skin disease' it is a whole body affair and so I bring on experts from a very wide range of approaches. Think Holistic Nutritionists, PhD level Mindfulness experts and Body positivity coaches.

patient experts

Because who else knows as much as we do? Plus who else is going to talk about getting naked and sex? Bleeding on the sheets at other peoples houses and flaking down the back of your office chair. Its our life people- and its fun to share it unashamedly.

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